Friday, 30 August 2013

TOP TEN - Songs for August

 So much good music. I could probably do a top 100 list but who would have the time to read that? Instead a list of the ten best songs I currently have on repeat! Take a peep!

1) Wildfire (feat. Frank Ocean) - John Mayer
So simple, so beautiful.

2) Heart by Heart - Demi Lovato 
This song always makes my chest restrict. I reminds me of Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. Not necessarily the film but the book is absolutely amazing! I'm a sucker for romance <3

3) 11 - Cassadee Pope 
This song hits close to home as Cassadee talks about her parents divorce. Very relatable to anyone who's gone through a separation!

4) Work - Iggy Azeala 
Very catchy. And you feel like a badass rapping with Iggy... or at least I do ...

5) Mmmbop - Hanson
A way-back-play-back. Still as amazing as it was all those years ago.

6) Royals - Lorde 
I'm surprised at how quickly this song became popular. One day I discovered it and the next day it was on every radio station!

7) This is Gospel - Panic! At The Disco 
The song is good, not my favorite P!ATD song ever but this song definitely gets me excited for their new record!

8) Hurricane - Parachute 
Solid song and I'll always be a fan of Parachute's eloquent lyrics.

9) Applause - Lady Gaga 
This song is simply the definition of Lady Gaga. Catchy lyrics, a great beat, and the perfect song to dance too. A-R-T-P-O-P

10) Pop - NSYNC 
I simply had to include an NSYNC song, especially after their reunion at the 2013 VMA's! It was too perfect for words. Actually I could probably do an entire post solely on my thoughts and reaction to seeing them sing and do the original choreography!

What are you listening to? Let me know in the comments!


Pictures to Recap My Summer - INSTAGRAM

Like the title suggests, this post is a nice little recap of my summer before I go back to school in a couple of days. Just a few snippets found on my Instagram.... (@jamiecoffin) 

^^^ The One Direction concert at the beginning of July was what dreams were made of. Those boys are so fit. 

^^^ Went to a cottage a took oodles of pictures of the sky. To spare you the boredom, I've only included my favourites. But believe me when I say there are many more. 

 ^^^ A Toronto favorite. The CNE or The Ex. Went on rides, ate yummy food (see Funnel Cakes.) 

 ^^^ Possibly the coolest music festival I've ever been too; The Gentlemen of the Road Tour hosted by Mumford and Sons. It took place in a relatively small, remote Canadian town of 14,000. There was more than 35,000 people attending.. :O

 ^^^ Some miscellaneous pictures. My puppies. Me listening to Eckhart Tollie audio tape (something that I was unable to finish -_-) A family game of Sorry. And a Blue Jay's game against the Yankee's. 

 ^^^ Finally a couple random selfies. :) 

My summer was fairly eventful, at least according to these pictures from my Instagram. Be sure to follow me on Instagram (@jamiecoffin), I'll be sure to follow back :) 


An Update

I'm writing a blog to express to anyone who is reading how reluctant and afraid I am of the future and it's because everyone else tried to help.

Like many people who own a computer and have semi-decent internet capabilities, I am a slave to the online world. This has been both a blessing and a curse as I have spent time and energy reading many articles or watching videos of people telling how the real world is and ought to be like. I take every piece of what they say and let it register in my brain and consider how their words affect (or effect, I'm not sure which one and I don't care to google it) me. And other's 'advice' have been bothering me. 

Anyone who is older than you seems to know what it really is and are quick to dish out all their wisdom whether asked or not. And being 18 years of age, everyone seems to be older so there's never a lull in advice. 

 Don't go into this as it won't help you with that. 

Be prepared to be broke for most of your life. 

You're going to have regrets. 

You won't be friends with them anymore. 

Etc. Etc. 

I appreciate that these bloggers, industry professionals or friends and family are trying to help but what they're really doing is giving me anxiety. They're telling me what I need to do or else I'll fail and I can't help felling like it's already pointless. 

I'm tired of people giving me negative advice. I'm tired of them trying to prepare me for my miserable life. Their 'wisdom' only seems to be driving home the fact that they're unhappy or at least once were, and that I'm destined to be too. 

What if I do exactly what these bloggers say and still end up selling oranges on the freeway? What if I can't make it? 

Ah, 'making it.' Is there a finished line where I will be finally able to take a break and relax or will I always be so anxious and worried that I'll never even notice? 

Too many questions as a result of too many people trying to help. I appreciate the kindness but sometimes it's just none of your business. What's the real world like anyway?

laters xx 
Here's a picture of Kim Kardashian crying. It felt appropriate. 

Thursday, 27 June 2013

TOP TEN - Songs for Summer

It's been too long.

But after a tiny break and a iTunes revamp, I've compiled a list of some of my tunes of summer. Summer is long though so expect another post with even more music! (I'm addicted to music.. I have to hold myself back from making posts about what I'm listening to)

1) Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - Castle
Everything that Macklemore has releases is perfection. I love when he raps he kind of has an accent!

2) Queen's of the Stone Age - Smooth Sailing 
The genre of the QOTSA new album is stonerpop; so listen to accordingly.

3) Japandroids - The House That Heaven Built 
Hailing from Vancouver, these two guys can create an amazing song to scream along to!

4) The Beatles - Good Morning, Good Morning 
You can never get tired of the Beatles and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is a perfect album for summer.

5) Zedd - Dovregubben 
Such a fan of Zedd. He's also heading out on a World Tour soon so can't wait to jump to his songs live.

6) Skrillex - Breakn' a Sweat (Zedd Remix) [feat. The Doors]
This is the ultimate song to get you to push you further. Excellent jam to workout to.

7) Backstreet Boys - Everybody (Backstreet's Back)
Go see the film This is The End, and tell me that you don't have a new appreciation for this song and band.

8) Armin van Buuren Feat. Trevor Guthrie - This Is What It Feels Like (Radio Edit)
Another trance super ballad that's hard not to belt out.

9) John Mayer - Paper Doll 
John Mayer sings "you're like 22 girls in 1".... wonder who that's referring to

10) The Mowgli's - San Francisco 
I am forever in love with this song! I want to drive all day listening to this band and especially this song :) 

Laters !

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Internship Review

Tuesday night means cheap nights at theatres across Canada. Tickets go from over $9 to less than $5 and seeing as there are no jobs in my area, I need these cheap nights. So arguably one of the biggest movies released this past weekend was The Internship, a buddy-comedy starring Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson, and my friends and I had to go see it.

All rights reserved to the respectable studios

There was no debate what kind of movie you were getting from The Internship. Just from the commercial I could tell that Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson were going to deliver a performance pretty much like every other character they've ever played. And I'm not complaining. I love Vince Vaughan's classic rambling and over talking and you couldn't pay me to hate Owen Wilson. The constant advertisements for this movie gave away most of the plot; who were the potential friends, who were the potential antagonists, love interests etc. Some of the moments that could have been the funniest were even released in trailer which is always unfortunate. But all in all, I did enjoy it.

Let's not get hasty; it wasn't Wedding Crasher good (another film Vince and Owen collaborated on). There were a few moments when the whole theatre laughed, but for a lot of it the funny bits deserved only a small chuckle. Although one gentleman near the front laughed out loud the entire film....

One moment that really struck me was when actor Dylan O'brien's character confessed the troubles for newly graduating or soon-to-be graduating college/university students when finding a job. It struck a cord with me and I couldn't help but feel sorry for myself cause I'm in that position.

All rights reserved to the respectable studios

It cannot be forgot that the internship in The Internship is at Google headquarters in San Francisco. Every sentence had the word Google pasted into it, every surface had the Google logo stapled on; it was so regular that you almost forgot about it. Honestly though, it's just a gigantic amount of product placement. I'm not sure how I feel about it.

All-in-all, the movie wasn't bad; it was pleasant, okay, average, etc. I liked it, but fully admit I'll probably never watch it again unless it's my inflight movie.


Friday, 7 June 2013

The Fine Line Between Bullying and Critiquing

Hello! I feel like I need a good vent after I noticed something on my Twitter timeline that was shocking.

Country singer and The Voice coach, Blake Shelton took to his Twitter account on Tuesday to defend his team members after an article was posted online criticizing them. The article, that was posted on the Houston Chronicle's website, was in all honestly short and anything but sweet. It was like writer Joey Guerra wrote it in five minutes; hardly journalism. Anyways, the article made comparisons between season 2 winner Cassadee Pope and singer Avril Lavigne and said that ex-contestant Holly Tucker was "finally" gone. Somehow Blake Shelton found out, who mentored both girls, and ranted on his Twitter page, absolutely livid over the comments.

As you can see ^^^ Blake didn't hold back on telling the author what he really thought of the article. He laid it all out there effectively rendering Guerra speechless, seeing as he never replied. 

It's nice to see Blake sticking up for his team and it's cool to know that the competition isn't just for the cameras; Blake's invested in his new up and coming talent. And of course the article was uncalled for and barely can be called journalism. But did Blake take his retaliation too far? If Blake is accusing the writer of cyber-bullying (see the second tweet from the bottom) why is he threatening him? 

That's what I never understood about cyber-bullying; why are we calling the bullies nasty, horrible names when it only brings us down to their level?  If we want to end bullying of all kinds, we shouldn't be publicly shaming them in a way that tarnishes our integrity. We're all capable of being respectful when voicing out concerns but I guess when people get behind a computer screen, all that is forgotten. How often do we see racist or derogatory comments on Youtube videos? It's disgusting. 

I'd also like to say that I'm definitely not perfect when it comes from this. My sister and I have a love-hate relationship that often sways more to the latter one. Sometimes I make comments about what she's wearing or her behaviour. I don't say derogatory statements but of course, my critiquing can really bother her.  It's a fine line between critiquing and bullying and unfortunately sometimes its left up to personal opinion. 

To conclude, be careful what you say online. I think Blake Shelton was amazing for sticking up for his team and he may have realized that he took it a little too far because his last tweet seemed apologetic.... Still. Words hurt a lot more than we think, so use them wisely. 

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

After Earth - Review

Last night, I dragged myself out of bed and slapped some lipgloss on for a night on the town (HA) with some of my best friends from high school. After a trip to Montana's, where drinking out of mason jars are done un-ironically, we walked over to the Cineplex only to find out that the movie we originally wanted to see, Now You See Me, was sold out. After a split decision we decided to see After Earth, admittedly because I'm the biggest Fresh Prince of Bel-Air fan (I often sing the theme song in the most inappropriate times). A pack of Sour Patch Kids later, I was settled in my seat for a movie that was subpar at best. 

The movie follows a father and son, played by Will and Jaden Smith, after they crash land on a dangerous and foreign earth. After fighting baboons, mutant lions, and aliens the message of the film is clear; that fear is always a choice. 

Although I believe in the message the movie was just lacking. It didn't lack suspenseful moments (I nearly jumped into my friends lap at one point), but the movie was just hard to get into. It tries to be taken seriously except it falls short which is evident with the characters odd and impersonal accents. The whole time I was waiting for Will Smith to say something funny or at least hint at a joke; nope. No jokes. No smiles during this movie. That's probably why my expression throughout the film was similar to the Smith's; deadpan. Plus, the movie is just bits and pieces of other sci-fi films we've seen before and it's so obvious to the audience. 

To make matters more weird, as soon as the credits started to roll, the name M. Night Shyamalan appeared. What? Really? At no point during the film's lengthy promotion did I hear that Shyamalan was directing the film which is odd seeing as there's always a parade when ever he makes a movie. Probably because the film is so stand off from anything he's ever did. Not that the last couple of his movies were enjoyable either... Oh well. 

Let me know what you think of the movie, if you've seen it! I'd love to know if others felt differently! 


Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Sometimes It's Good To Cry

It was nearly four am when my Twitter timeline produced a link to an article titled 'The Day Your Dog Dies." I think I knew I was going to be upset with whatever the link led to but I could not let it be.

I brought my blanket up around my face, already getting that sinking feeling. It's the kind of feeling where the air is being squeezed out of your chest and you grab hold of something sturdy to steady yourself but you can't. You just can't

I continued to read the article, already feeling something inside me breaking, but not able to prevent it. It felt so foreign because honestly, I haven't cried in almost two years. My stomach turned and I remember shaking my head as if in denial to what was happening.

I sat up, throwing my phone away as I brought my knees to my chest. What was happening to me?

Maybe it was due to the fact that I hadn't allowed myself to be emotional in almost two years or maybe I was being extra hormonal, but when the the first few tears pricked my eyes I couldn't stop myself.

 I sobbed, harder than I ever remember.

Niagara Falls fell from my eyes as I tried to stifle my voice so I wouldn't wake my dad up. But the funny thing is when you try to stop, it makes it so much worse. Your body shakes and your voice hiccups from trying to dam the river but it keeps breaking.

For most of my breakdown, I was consciously asking myself why I was crying. The story had been sad, yes, but that wasn't the reason I was unconsolable. The more I thought about it, the more it felt like I was crying because I had no reason to be.

My heart was breaking and I couldn't figure out how to stop it. I sat on my bed, alone in the dark, my face swollen from crying and I revisited a few ideas.

The article had been sad and often drew parallels to many peoples lives. It talk about a man's last few hours with his dog before she died; the author would have had the hardest man melting. Having two dogs personally, it was like a bullet to the heart just imagining the inevitable. But I'm not sure that was the trigger.

For the better part of the past three years, I've done a lot of growing up. Or at least what I consider 'growing up.' In actuality, I shut myself off to pain and pretended I was strong; on multiple occasions I remember patting myself on the back because I hadn't cried. It was as if I was congratulating myself on being depressed and disillusioned. Recently, I noticed how wrong my previous misconception was.

The past few weeks have been worse. I went from living constantly with people in university and never having a moment to myself to drastically living by myself for most of my days. It does the mind harm being alone, or at least that's what I believe is wrong with me. To make things worse, I've been torturing myself by watching wedding videos on Pinterest and romantic movies on television. I've sketched the word 'alone' on to the walls of my ribcage and I'm not sure it's going to go back to normal.

It was probably a combination of many things that caused my demise. To pinpoint one area that was affecting me the most, would have been like stopping my tears at the beginning; impossible.

I fell asleep sometime before five am, surrounded by tissues and my head heavy. I couldn't tell you when you I stopped crying though because it felt like I was still crying when I woke up.

In the end, I can't say that I feel better; I still feel alone and the article still makes me sad. But I can say that I'm glad it happened. It's good to cry whether we know why or not. Sometimes the bent up emotions need to be shared even if they're embarrassing or frightening or unknown. I'm speaking from experience here. Although it's hard to reason with someone who's hurt, often ourselves, I think it needs to be said that we can be vulnerable with no shame and no guilt.