Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Water, Water, Water

This is going to be a weird post today.... Anyways, water is so delicious. It may sound ridiculous but I rather drink water then anything else. (excluding certain types of alcohol.) And water is so good for you! Before you go rolling your eyes at me because you've already heard this, I'm just going to reiterate it in a nice list... so please sit back and enjoy the research I so kindly gathered ;) 

1) Health Benefits - The most obvious reason. Water helps curb appetite and is a great substitute for soft drinks that are loaded with sugar. (even if it's "diet" or "zero", soft drinks are never, ever good for you) Water doesn't have sugar, no calories, no fat, so nothing to worry about! As well, it helps cleanses the body, getting rid of a lot of toxins.

Tip: drink a large glass of water before every meal. From personal experience, it helps make you full so you don't eat as much in the long run. 

2) Skin Benefits - Hydrating your skin is really important and is often forgotten after a layer of moisturizer. In reality, drinking water can help create that healthy aura. I cut out soft drinks over a year ago and I've definitely noticed the change in my complexion. Even if I have a lot of fruity drinks one night, the next morning my face will definitely pay the price. 

3) Helps with Hangovers - Although it is no cure, water definitely helps. Drinking lots of water while drinking and right before you go to sleep (along with an Advil) helps diminish hangovers/headaches the next morning. My friend swears by this, so much so that she'll even chase her drinks with water... which to me sounds pretty rough but apparently she never gets hungover soo..

4) Energy - Being dehydrated is no way to go about living. Being lazy and tired all of the time sucks, so why not gulp down a couple extra bottles of H2O and have the energy to do everything you want to do. 

I hope you understand how important it is to drink water! I know people who drink two or three cans of soda a day and I'm completely shocked. We're supposed to drink 8 glasses of water everyday and it's such a cheap and beneficial resource why wouldn't you be game for it? Anyways, I hope you have a lovely day! 


Monday, 13 May 2013

Family Drama

At what point are you running away from your issues because you're trying to protect yourself and at what point are you running away for selfish reasons? 

I'm not naive in the fact that I know that all families have their difficulties. The problems can be devastating like abuse or neglect ... or it can be smaller. With so many personalities trying to work together, it's unfortunate that they do clash. Without sounding too cynical, the perfect family doesn't exist and it hurts me to say that. 

I come from a divorced home, like many individuals. Realistically, this was the best result because my life before the divorce was a lot of screaming and tears. Now that the hard part is over  I thought the issues would go away. But I have so much bent up resentment and pain inside me as a result of it, that I can't forgive things that were said and am over critical of things that happen now. 

So I take myself out of situations. I cut people out, I walk out of confrontations. I never forget and I can't move on. 

Part of me knows that this is unhealthy. I should face my issues and share them with others. 

But then there's that part of me that says that it's everyone else's issue. I don't deserve how I've been treated. I should not be screamed at. So I should protect myself and leave. 

I'm so confused at what I should do. 

It sucks to go through this by myself and it hurts my heart to know other's go through this too. I hope that everyone can move forward in their own way. My deepest sympathies go out to other's struggling with family issues; I know it's tough. I understand that this might not be the best way to express my inner turmoil but sometimes people need to vent. 


Sunday, 12 May 2013

Birthday Gift Idea

This week, one of my best friends is celebrating her 19th birthday! This is just a little post to share what I got for her. Before you gasp in horror because I'm posting her gift before I give it to her, don't worry; she doesn't read my blog! 

Like most girls, my friends and I are pretty infatuated with the idea of England. Whether's it's the lifestyle, the language, the fashion, the people, the music etc. I speak for a lot of people when I say I want it all! For my friend's birthday I thought it would be cool idea to get her the union jack but add a twist.

My sister works for a flag shop (weird eh?) so I was able to get a really cute custom flag that my friend can hang in her room. Funny story: according to a quick google search, a pink union jack flag is the symbol for gay/lesbian pride in England?... Awkward. I'll be sure not to tell her about that little detail.

As well, what young person isn't obsessed with moustaches?! Since it is her 19th birthday (the legal drinking age in Canada) I thought a little shot glass with a moustache would be appropriate! 

Yes, we stole the nickname from Zoe and Louise

I wrapped it all in a pink bag and tissue paper, adding a tissue paper purple flower to make it stand out. (Overkill I know, but I was soo bored!) 

Hope you enjoyed this post and maybe you got some ideas! What do you think of the gift? 

Laters :) 

Friday, 10 May 2013

DIY Fever

Being jobless has given me a lot of time to feed my obsession of Pinterest and in return, create a new belief that I can become the next Martha Stewart. Pinterest has completely changed my perception of what I'm capable of. It's taking all of my inner strength to not jump in my car, rush to the nearest Value Village or some other junk store where I can buy all sorts of wardrobes and mason jars. (Seriously, if I get my hands on mason jars my day will be made.) Everything seems so do-able these days. And if I can complete some of these projects and save some of the non-existent money I don't have, then that's the best. 

I'm so excited to get to work! In September, I'll be moving into a new house/room for school so I'm super pumped about decorating it with all my DIY projects! I'll be sure to post all my conquests and fails on here, so watch out for them! 

Do you have any favourite Do-It-Yourself blogs or posts? Let me know, I'd love to here them! 

Thursday, 9 May 2013


I like to believe that I don't conform to what other's say is cool to wear or "what's in". I pick out clothes that look good on me personally and that I feel comfortable in. It's kind of a catch 22 though, because I go to stores and purchase clothes that have already deemed "in" fashion. I'm not going out of my way to wear clothes that would have people murmuring under their breath. 

That being said, I wear a lot of dark colours so that means a lot of of blacks, greys and navys. (My closet is like a black hole, not in the way that its sucks but in the way that it' It's always been said that the colour black makes you look slimmer and that may be the case; however, I'm not walking into shops and specifically buying dark clothes because of that. Personally, I think clothes that are dark make me look older and just go with lots of other things. My friends and I joke that I'm always funeral ready. 

Yesterday, I decided to mix things up while at H&M. Instead of dark colours, I went neon. Bright green, coral and blue to be specific. I bought three different shirts in three different colours in order to reinvent my wardrobe. Both the green and the coral shirt were $15 while the blue tank top was only $6! Yippie skippy! All shirts are super versatile; I can pair them with leggings, jeans, shorts, skirts... Definitely pleased with all three purchases. Including taxes, I think I paid $41! Wooo!  

Just a little update on the smallest of shopping hauls! 

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Summer Lovin' - Sunglasses

Before every summer, I find myself buying new sunglasses because for some reason I can't keep a pair without breaking them. So this season I decided to be extra prepared and buy four pairs of sunglasses in hopes that some of them will last. I'm pretty cheap, (I'm not even going to lie about that) so it took me a while to collect this small collection but I'm fairly happy with all my purchases. 

 From left to right: Michael Kors, Hot Topic, Hot Topic, and H&M

I'm such as a fan of Ray Bans. Though these are from Hot Topic, they're still pretty good quality and only $15! 

Another pair from Hot Topic for $15, although this time they're Aviators. I love how the lenses are really reflective. (Don't mind me in the reflection) Super nice with a laid back pair of kakis and a white t-shirt, maybe even with some beach wavy hair. 

Michael Kors always makes a nice pair of glasses. Always. Although these were the most expensive of the bunch, they were still on sale for $40! Definitely found myself a deal seeing as most Michael Kors sunglasses sell for $100 to over $200.

Finally, the pair in the middle in this image are from H&M. I had to search through the sale section and found them at the bottom of the pile. They're okay; definitely not my favourite out of the group. BUT THEY WERE 5 BUCKS. So who cares if I don't wear them everyday!

So there they are! What do you think? What are you're favourite pair of shades? Let me know! 


Monday, 6 May 2013

Typical Nail Post

How stereotypical! A female blogger posting about nails. (I'm resisting a sarcastic eye roll as I write this) But seeing as how I rarely get my nails done (or wear nail polish for that matter) I thought I would take a second to explain. 

I love the idea of nail polish, I love when others wear it and I'm jealous that they can pull it off so easily. Unfortunately, nail polish and I have a bit of love-hate relationship at the moment and it sees no end to stopping.

 My entire nail polish collection... a little bit sad. 

First off, when I was 15, I slammed my right index finger in a door which effectively broke it. Skipping all the gross stuff, the nail eventually fell off. It was a very traumatic time (I'm not making this up), and quite horrifying for a person who never had broken anything before. The nail grew back but hasn't ever looked the way it originally did. It's not a big deal now, but you would understand why putting nail polish on it would make me feel like I was drawing attention to this small imperfection.

I bought these because the colours looked nice... have yet to really wear them. -_- 

Next, I literally cannot put on nail polish to save my life. It seems I always touch the wet paint before they're finished drying or I bump into something making a huge dent or ripple. And I've tried practically everything to stop this from happening. Sprays, cold water, waiting an excessive amount of time etc. No luck. I still screw it up somehow. And of course as soon as you mess up, that's all you can think about. Most times I catch myself chipping away at the paint, only realizing then that half the polish is gone. I'm sure it's just a bad habit picking at the polish, but to me the easiest option is just go without.

On a rare occasion, (my aunt was paying) I decided to get my nails done. Although I'm sure it'll only last half the time it's suppose to, I'm actually quite pleased with the result. I decided to go with "Enlightned Soul",  a bright colour that screams summer to me. I have never seen this brand before called "Sparitual" and they happen to produce vegan nail polish which is always an added bonus.  Also, I kept them fairly short because, let's be honest, I'm not a Kardashian sipping soy lattes all day, so those crazy long nails (that kind of remind me of witch nails)  were no good for me. And so far, so good with my decision.

I hope everyone takes a step out of their comfort zone today, even if it's as simple as trying on some nail polish! I know my distaste for nail polish may seem childish but hey, whatcha gonna do 'bout it? 


Sunday, 5 May 2013


While at university I became acquainted with a certain girl, who for the purposes of this blog, will be named Katherine Heigl. The reason behind this nickname is due to the fact that when my friend and I first met her, she sort of resembled the famous actress; however, after getting to know her it became really apparent that we were wrong on so many levels. Unfortunately, the name stuck and I can't be bothered with coming up with something else. 

Anyways, Katherine is a full fledge over-achiever and tends to brag A LOT. And I can't stand her. I had her in many of my classes, seeing as we both are in the same program. In each class when the opportunity presented itself, she'd do a poised hair flip then explain how her parents are musicians and how her she rides a unicycle and blah blah blah I'm so smart blah blah blah. One time when we were riding the elevator together she muttered to herself about how her 90% wasn't good enough and how she was going to "bitch the professor out to get a couple more marks added". Oh my gosh. I don't think I've ever rolled my eyes as much as I did in those 30 seconds.

I'm sure you have people like this in your life; individuals who just annoy you to your wits end. They may be a sibling or a friend's boyfriend or even a classmate and just by the way they act or carry themselves, makes you want to punch a hole in the wall (too much?). Unless their behaviour is actually on purpose, it's hard to reason with him or her because they don't understand what they're doing. What I suggest instead of wasting your time (and having an unhealthy build up of resentment) is to simply let it go. 

I'm not insane, I really do believe that the easiest thing to do is just let it go. If someone's making a complete ass (excuse my french) of themselves, then let them. It does not reflect on your personality what they do. And honestly, you don't need the added stress in your life. Take a deep breath and forget about it. I'm not saying that I practice what I preach 100% of the time. (hypocritical much?) The reason I decided to write this blog post is because I got a Facebook message from Katherine asking for me to help complain with her and I just needed to vent. But I realize that her actions don't need to affect my mood. 

So sorry Katherine Heigl, but no I will not be emailing our professor and demand that he change the final mark of your exam; the past is in the past and honey, I just don't care.