Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Summer Lovin' - Sunglasses

Before every summer, I find myself buying new sunglasses because for some reason I can't keep a pair without breaking them. So this season I decided to be extra prepared and buy four pairs of sunglasses in hopes that some of them will last. I'm pretty cheap, (I'm not even going to lie about that) so it took me a while to collect this small collection but I'm fairly happy with all my purchases. 

 From left to right: Michael Kors, Hot Topic, Hot Topic, and H&M

I'm such as a fan of Ray Bans. Though these are from Hot Topic, they're still pretty good quality and only $15! 

Another pair from Hot Topic for $15, although this time they're Aviators. I love how the lenses are really reflective. (Don't mind me in the reflection) Super nice with a laid back pair of kakis and a white t-shirt, maybe even with some beach wavy hair. 

Michael Kors always makes a nice pair of glasses. Always. Although these were the most expensive of the bunch, they were still on sale for $40! Definitely found myself a deal seeing as most Michael Kors sunglasses sell for $100 to over $200.

Finally, the pair in the middle in this image are from H&M. I had to search through the sale section and found them at the bottom of the pile. They're okay; definitely not my favourite out of the group. BUT THEY WERE 5 BUCKS. So who cares if I don't wear them everyday!

So there they are! What do you think? What are you're favourite pair of shades? Let me know! 


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