Monday, 6 May 2013

Typical Nail Post

How stereotypical! A female blogger posting about nails. (I'm resisting a sarcastic eye roll as I write this) But seeing as how I rarely get my nails done (or wear nail polish for that matter) I thought I would take a second to explain. 

I love the idea of nail polish, I love when others wear it and I'm jealous that they can pull it off so easily. Unfortunately, nail polish and I have a bit of love-hate relationship at the moment and it sees no end to stopping.

 My entire nail polish collection... a little bit sad. 

First off, when I was 15, I slammed my right index finger in a door which effectively broke it. Skipping all the gross stuff, the nail eventually fell off. It was a very traumatic time (I'm not making this up), and quite horrifying for a person who never had broken anything before. The nail grew back but hasn't ever looked the way it originally did. It's not a big deal now, but you would understand why putting nail polish on it would make me feel like I was drawing attention to this small imperfection.

I bought these because the colours looked nice... have yet to really wear them. -_- 

Next, I literally cannot put on nail polish to save my life. It seems I always touch the wet paint before they're finished drying or I bump into something making a huge dent or ripple. And I've tried practically everything to stop this from happening. Sprays, cold water, waiting an excessive amount of time etc. No luck. I still screw it up somehow. And of course as soon as you mess up, that's all you can think about. Most times I catch myself chipping away at the paint, only realizing then that half the polish is gone. I'm sure it's just a bad habit picking at the polish, but to me the easiest option is just go without.

On a rare occasion, (my aunt was paying) I decided to get my nails done. Although I'm sure it'll only last half the time it's suppose to, I'm actually quite pleased with the result. I decided to go with "Enlightned Soul",  a bright colour that screams summer to me. I have never seen this brand before called "Sparitual" and they happen to produce vegan nail polish which is always an added bonus.  Also, I kept them fairly short because, let's be honest, I'm not a Kardashian sipping soy lattes all day, so those crazy long nails (that kind of remind me of witch nails)  were no good for me. And so far, so good with my decision.

I hope everyone takes a step out of their comfort zone today, even if it's as simple as trying on some nail polish! I know my distaste for nail polish may seem childish but hey, whatcha gonna do 'bout it? 


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