Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Water, Water, Water

This is going to be a weird post today.... Anyways, water is so delicious. It may sound ridiculous but I rather drink water then anything else. (excluding certain types of alcohol.) And water is so good for you! Before you go rolling your eyes at me because you've already heard this, I'm just going to reiterate it in a nice list... so please sit back and enjoy the research I so kindly gathered ;) 

1) Health Benefits - The most obvious reason. Water helps curb appetite and is a great substitute for soft drinks that are loaded with sugar. (even if it's "diet" or "zero", soft drinks are never, ever good for you) Water doesn't have sugar, no calories, no fat, so nothing to worry about! As well, it helps cleanses the body, getting rid of a lot of toxins.

Tip: drink a large glass of water before every meal. From personal experience, it helps make you full so you don't eat as much in the long run. 

2) Skin Benefits - Hydrating your skin is really important and is often forgotten after a layer of moisturizer. In reality, drinking water can help create that healthy aura. I cut out soft drinks over a year ago and I've definitely noticed the change in my complexion. Even if I have a lot of fruity drinks one night, the next morning my face will definitely pay the price. 

3) Helps with Hangovers - Although it is no cure, water definitely helps. Drinking lots of water while drinking and right before you go to sleep (along with an Advil) helps diminish hangovers/headaches the next morning. My friend swears by this, so much so that she'll even chase her drinks with water... which to me sounds pretty rough but apparently she never gets hungover soo..

4) Energy - Being dehydrated is no way to go about living. Being lazy and tired all of the time sucks, so why not gulp down a couple extra bottles of H2O and have the energy to do everything you want to do. 

I hope you understand how important it is to drink water! I know people who drink two or three cans of soda a day and I'm completely shocked. We're supposed to drink 8 glasses of water everyday and it's such a cheap and beneficial resource why wouldn't you be game for it? Anyways, I hope you have a lovely day! 


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