Sunday, 12 May 2013

Birthday Gift Idea

This week, one of my best friends is celebrating her 19th birthday! This is just a little post to share what I got for her. Before you gasp in horror because I'm posting her gift before I give it to her, don't worry; she doesn't read my blog! 

Like most girls, my friends and I are pretty infatuated with the idea of England. Whether's it's the lifestyle, the language, the fashion, the people, the music etc. I speak for a lot of people when I say I want it all! For my friend's birthday I thought it would be cool idea to get her the union jack but add a twist.

My sister works for a flag shop (weird eh?) so I was able to get a really cute custom flag that my friend can hang in her room. Funny story: according to a quick google search, a pink union jack flag is the symbol for gay/lesbian pride in England?... Awkward. I'll be sure not to tell her about that little detail.

As well, what young person isn't obsessed with moustaches?! Since it is her 19th birthday (the legal drinking age in Canada) I thought a little shot glass with a moustache would be appropriate! 

Yes, we stole the nickname from Zoe and Louise

I wrapped it all in a pink bag and tissue paper, adding a tissue paper purple flower to make it stand out. (Overkill I know, but I was soo bored!) 

Hope you enjoyed this post and maybe you got some ideas! What do you think of the gift? 

Laters :) 

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