Friday, 10 May 2013

DIY Fever

Being jobless has given me a lot of time to feed my obsession of Pinterest and in return, create a new belief that I can become the next Martha Stewart. Pinterest has completely changed my perception of what I'm capable of. It's taking all of my inner strength to not jump in my car, rush to the nearest Value Village or some other junk store where I can buy all sorts of wardrobes and mason jars. (Seriously, if I get my hands on mason jars my day will be made.) Everything seems so do-able these days. And if I can complete some of these projects and save some of the non-existent money I don't have, then that's the best. 

I'm so excited to get to work! In September, I'll be moving into a new house/room for school so I'm super pumped about decorating it with all my DIY projects! I'll be sure to post all my conquests and fails on here, so watch out for them! 

Do you have any favourite Do-It-Yourself blogs or posts? Let me know, I'd love to here them! 

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