Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Collars, Collars, and Collars! Oh My!

I’m just going to go on the record and say that I absolutely love collared shirts. From the traditional collar to a Peter Pan collar, both styles always make me feel so professional for some reason; perhaps it’s because of the stereotype of businessmen and women wearing them to their office buildings? Although I do not have a job in an office environment (or a job at all) I love how any outfit can seem more pulled together with a collar. And I’m not talking about wearing a stuffy pencil skirt and blazer everyday (although I do love blazers as well), I’m talking about how you can seem effortlessly chic and romantic by adding a collar no matter if you’re working in an office or lazing around at home.

Burgundy/Black from H&M, Brown/White from Forever 21

These are two dresses I’ve bought in the past that both have the Peter Pan collars built in. Depending on the occasion, I can wear both dresses casual with just a pair of black leggings and cardigan. Or if the situation calls for a bit more put together look, such as a family get together, I can dress it up a little by not wearing any tights and curling my hair. Either way, these two dresses are staples in my wardrobe and I’m always on the hunt for more of them!

 Shorts, shirt and necklace from H&M. Flats from Forever 21. Watch is Marc Jacobs

As well, I often wear conventional collared shirts (not always so wrinkly though). This blue H&M one is one of at least a dozen that I regularly wear. To spice up the collar, I wear a fairly big necklace underneath the collar to make it stand out even more. Pair it with a bracelet or a watch and some flats that stand out and you’ve got yourself a rather easy and lovely outfit.

Both from H&M

Finally, sometimes you just have to get creative and add a collar. Either over a thin sweater or a dress, both these accessories would be amazing. Actually, it really depends on the outfit. I suggest trying as many different combinations to see what looks best.

A helpful tip: If I ever am unsure about what I am going to wear, I go to the website We Heart It and search other’s pictures. For example, if I knew I wanted to wear tights, I’d search ‘tights’ and just look at other peoples pictures that have tights in them. There is such a vast archive of beautiful photographs that I usually get inspired fairly quickly. Hope that helps!  Laters!

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